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Women’s Development Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Associate Market Mentor with Monat Global

Personal Hair  and Skincare Consultant

Youth Leadership Coach

About Me

I’m an entrepreneur with the number one leading hair care company in North America. I love that I get to work from wherever I choose, because with a busy family life I need to be the one in charge of my time.

I hope to inspire as I home educate my kids, as I nurture my family, and as I lead women in their personal growth and building their businesses. It’s how we were made to shine.

Are you an aspiring leader? Want a new adventure in life? Ask me about what opportunities await you!

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Leading Through Adversity 6 week Masterclass

“How to Turn Adversity into An Advantage,” is a 8 week course on overcoming adversity and turning it to your advantage. Learn through John Maxwell’s first main teaching point, How we view things is how we do things.

Even in the midst of a global crisis, leaders must remember that perspective determines actions which determines influence. If you want to lead well, you must guard your perspective.
John noted that within the many messages of concern about COVID-19 there were
positive messages we should notice—we know what the virus is, we have a test for
detecting it, the virus can be wiped clean, and all of the global scientific community is throwing their weight behind efforts to contain and cure.
While it’s challenging to discover—much less embrace—those messages when the world feels out of control, that’s exactly what leaders are called to do: bring hope out of chaos. 

Inquire with me about offering this course to your group or team, or join in  the next series. 

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Join me in this 5 -Week Mastermind Session to help you learn tools to bring your dream to life.
You will leave with real strategies to help you achieve your dream.
You don’t want to miss this!
This session is for everyone – entrepreneurs, leaders, business professionals, homemakers, and students!

Inquire to book a new course date.

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Embracing Personal Growth!

I believe that the world would be a better place if we all worked a little more to encourage one another and help lift each other away from thoughts of self-doubt. My goal with this 5-week mastermind experience is to prepare you to go out and face the fears that are holding YOU back from reaching your full potential. If you’re ready to take the first step toward a more exciting, lucrative, and passion-filled future, then this mastermind is a must.

All are invited to participate in this experience. For more information about this experience and to register, please contact for future course dates. 

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