The Breath of Life

The value of each breath we take…
we can take for granted…
he couldn’t get his back…

The Breathe of Life….

She came running to our campsite stall pointing at her phone. My husband took the 911 call and directed them to where we were.
She didn’t speak English. Or she was panicking… or both.
My daughter took the children to the neighbours campsite where another mom helped her keep them distracted from what was going on…
I ran to each campsite asking for someone that knew CPR. Finally someone knew someone that knew someone and I found her and led her back. Meanwhile another man had come along and had started performing CPR.
Thank God.
Over and over…. no breath…
I ran back to the entryway where another lady and I relayed the ambulance to each driveway entrance to navigate them to the stall where he lay on the ground turning blue.
Earlier we thought we’d smelled something odd and thought maybe it was that new mosquito repellant… (?)
Turns out they’re suspicious the briquettes took his breath away. He was asthmatic.
He never got it back under our watch.
The breath of life.
The EMT , Firemen , all helped to get him on a stretcher into the ambulance.
We could see the ambulance shaking from the efforts going on inside to find his breath.
I tried talking to one of the women from their campsite. I offered support, prayer… but she looked at me with shocked, empty eyes and just said thank you.
She didn’t speak English either. Other than thank you.
I felt helpless. What now…?

We’d done all we could, now just to wait and wonder and pray.

We breathe and we ignore it’s value. We forget the importance of each breath in- and out. It reminded me of watching my dad take his last breath, my brother, my father in law. Here we are again.
I didn’t know this man, or family. But his breath was so important to get back.
Listen to it inside you. .. feel it as your chest rises and falls. Then say a word of thanksgiving.
I used to listen to my kids breath every night when they were little, sleeping… Soft, gentle tiny breaths… and my heart would warm in peace and joy.
If you have breath you have life.

Your life has incredible value.
You have incredible value. 💙

… we learned the next day as someone else came to clean up their trailer and campsite that he never got his breath back again. The breath of life… gone…
It’s hard to understand these things other than to know death is a part of life. For everyone. And for everyone I believe there is salvation.

I hope you know and are reminded today that as you feel your chest rise and fall and hear the sound of your breath, that you have beauty inside you, life in abundance waiting to reveal. Dreams, passion, Hope, aspirations… all in each one of your breaths.

While there is breath there is life.

Life to be lived… shared… expressed through your eyes, talents, words….
Feel it in you. And be reminded that if it’s there, so is the incredible value you have, purpose, and plans for your life.
Breathe and pursue.
Breathe and seek the One who gives you breath.
Breathe and live.
Listen… can you hear it inside you?

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