Live Loved

Where are you headed.

Where have you been…

Whose life do you affect just by your presence…

As I reflect on my day, I am reminded of my blessings.

My family is asleep. They are peaceful.

They have worked hard. They have big goals and dreams…

and I’m grateful.

Did I encourage those dreams today?

Did I speak the voice of possibility?

Of inspiration?

I hope I did.

Everyone needs a light to shine in their life. We may not know the why. But we can know the need.

Be the light.

Be their hope.

Be the words they needed to hear.

You are a valuable, cherished treasure. Your light is needed.

You have a vision and you can step into it. Share it. Inspire.

Live loved.

Live like the treasure you are.

Live in gratitude.

Let your light be bright.

Don’t hide it.

Shine my friends,


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