Fun With Hairstyles, and Discovering Opportunity

Adversity is the mother of invention they say…

I say it’s where creativity is awakened, opportunities are birthed, and yes, new ideas are invented.

In every loss, failure, or hardship there lies an opportunity waiting to be discovered.

If your eyes are open, and your mind stays alert, you will see opportunity when it shows up.

On the contrary, if your mind grows closed and your attitude is focused on the loss and the failure, the opportunity will brush past you and you won’t even know it was there.

My daughter and I have often played with hairstyles in the past, especially when she was much younger. She would approach me with eagerness and expectation that I could create the newly found hairstyle on her little head of hair for church the next morning, or for the next dance recital. Attempt it I would! I’m pleased to say they often turned out!

Being home during the pandemic, and cancelling all of our events, trainings and connections I’d planned to grow my business, could’ve been the death of something that has been so promising, rewarding, and fruitful.

“Where there is a will there is a way.”

I’m sure I heard that phrase through my mom’s lips many times over the years as she would head straight on through adversity, not letting a block become a permanent fixture.

Recently, I came across the opportunity to awaken the sleeping skill of hairstyling again, and share it in a whole new way with teaching online education classes. Working in the hair industry through my home business, and gaining knowledge in hair and scalp health as well as learning new tips and techniques with products and the many varied hair types and hair goals, teaching an online class on hairstyling seemed to be a perfect fit. I applied for a teaching position and once accepted, I set up a couple of classes. The one that took off immediately was the Creative Hairstyling Class.

Nervous, and excited to start a new adventure that complemented my industry so well: teaching, the beauty industry, product knowledge, creativity, and entrepreneurship, I was ready for my first beauty students through a course I titled, Creative Hairstyling.

Sometimes adversity, when your eyes are open, will birth new opportunity and open doors that you never thought you’d walk through. Teaching not only added to my income, it brought sweet little faces of girls eager to learn from me. And it gave me inspiration to keep providing styling content for them to learn from.

Those early days and early mornings of styling my daughters hair unknowingly birthed ideas that grew to reveal the final fruit of my efforts. I’m grateful for those early mornings, and learning opportunities. I’m grateful for my daughters desire to have her mommy try new things. I’m grateful I said yes.

Opportunity shows up in places you often never expect. Keep your eyes open. Watch for them, and your opportunity will appear too.

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