First Blog Post!

Hi! I’m Kari-Lynn!

Welcome to my first blog post!
I’m excited to be writing to you here!

I decided that my writing needed more space, and I had much more to say than on my social media! Starting my own home based business has brought new inspiration to me that I want to share so that it hopefully can bring inspiration to you too! 

I never dreamt I would be working in the hair care industry. But give a mamabear a little inkling that her cubs need something, and the carrot, or porridge might I say, has been put in front of my nose! 

My 20 years of stay at home mom-life was threatened when our economy took a hit, and my husbands work changed to mean we needed a second income and quickly!

Homeschool Mom to Hair Spa Empire

I home educate my kids and I love the discovery of life and learning we get to do together.

 I don’t love the sibling issues that seem to arise when someone breathes the wrong way lol…, but we work through it! 

And getting to be there for the excitement and the trials makes

my mom-job the most rewarding job I could have ever asked for!

How quickly things change

One evening I went to a hair spa party.

(Yes! That is a thing!!)

And once I learned that I could actually sell shampoo to help put food on our family’s table, I was in! And it was non-toxic shampoo too! I felt like I struck gold!

I had a fire in my gut that I was onto something and I couldn’t wait to start my journey as a shampoo-girl building my very own shamp-empire! 

This was my first photo representing the new Mompreneur!


Fast forward 4 years, and not only did I help put food on the table, but I got to enjoy it in Las Vegas a few times, and most recently, I enjoyed it in Cancun! Company paid trips are awesome! I have another one I just earned coming up!

All thanks to working consistently in a fantastic and very generous company!

I love the rewards I have earned, and that I could keep home educating at the same time. 

It’s been incredibly fulfilling to watch my kids grow in their creativity and ambition to also have their own businesses!

Enabling women like me has been a great blessing to me too as all of these trips have also included the friends that joined me in this adventure! 

How cool is that? 

Sharing life, adventure, shampoo and coffee!

So, this blog will be about my journey as a mom rising up to guard that which has been entrusted her. My step into entrepreneurship as a mom going back to work…(but actually from home.) And the stories of my kids as they too grow their entrepreneurial wings!


And guess what?

My husband has started some new adventures including working with me in my business too. And, I might just tell you a little about his business in custom cruiser bikes. I think you will want to customize your own too!

My customized ride! Watch for the decorations next!

This entrepreneurship bug has really spread in my family now! 

My daughter and I, along with another homeschool mom and friend, have created a group for girls we called, “Brave Girls”.  It has been a fantastic journey of growth and faith as we are in our third year! 

And there’s more to come I will tell you about soon!

On an adventure…

So…hair spa parties, travel, home education, and Brave Girls are what this girl is on an adventure through! And I’m glad you’re here to share these experiences of life with me! 

Who knows?

You might be the next friend joining me on our free business trip!

Oohh… I’m excited!!

It’s how you shine!!

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