Postpartum Hair Loss

You have a beautiful little newborn at home. Life is upside down, and you’re beyond tired. Or, your little bundle of joy is offering you blissful sleep from day one. …yet you still notice your hair is shedding…quite a bit.  You’ve been through enough, with all the stages of pregnancy, and birth, and now adjusting… Read More Postpartum Hair Loss


Live Loved

Where are you headed. Where have you been… Whose life do you affect just by your presence… As I reflect on my day, I am reminded of my blessings. My family is asleep. They are peaceful. They have worked hard. They have big goals and dreams… and I’m grateful. Did I encourage those dreams today?… Read More Live Loved


First Blog Post!

Hi! I’m Kari-Lynn! Welcome to my first blog post!I’m excited to be writing to you here! I decided that my writing needed more space, and I had much more to say than on my social media! Starting my own home based business has brought new inspiration to me that I want to share so that… Read More First Blog Post!